Plotting Power Curves for RMSEA
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Plotting power curves for RMSEA
Alexander M. Schoemann (University of Kansas)
Kristopher J. Preacher (Vanderbilt University)
Donna L. Coffman (Pennsylvania State University)

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The purpose of this page, and how to use it

This web page generates R code that can create a plot of power for RMSEA against a range of sample sizes. The plot places sample size on the horizontal axis and power on the vertical axis. The user should indicate the lower and upper values for sample size and the sample size between each estimate ("step size") We strongly urge the user to read the sources below (see References) before proceeding. We have another calculator for conducting power analyses here.

Note: smaller values of "step size" will lead to more precise plots. However, smaller step sizes means a longer run time using Rweb.

When you are finished, click the button labeled "Submit above to Rweb" to compute the desired value. Alternatively, the R syntax may be copied and pasted into a command window of any PC installation of R.

Create a Plot for Power and Sample Size for RMSEA

Degrees of Freedom
Lower Sample Size
Upper Sample Size
Step Size


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